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School Profile

Burkett Elementary School, the primary center of the Montour School District which educates students in grades 3 and 4, serves the communities of Robinson and Kennedy Townships, Pennsbury Village and the Boroughs of Ingram and Thornburg.

With enrollment of nearly 390 students, the school is comprised of approximately 50+ professional and support staff members who all focus on fostering an environment that encourages students to be positive and caring community members, educational risk-takers and good decision makers.

The students experience standards-aligned ELA/Reading and math curricular materials with a strong focus on mastering the needed foundational skills in reading and math to be successful throughout their educational careers and in life.

Enriching activities are weaved throughout the curriculum, giving students numerous opportunities to engage in exciting educational experiences in a variety of ways.

Burkett Elementary offers students a variety of age appropriate activities outside of the classroom. These programs include but are not limited to: student council, student of the month, Project Lead the Way, STEM, band, and intramural soccer and volleyball.  

With the assistance of the Montour Elementary PTA, the students can participate in both entertaining and educational assemblies, as well as enriching activities both during and after school hours.  Some of these activities include the Butterfly Ball, Little Guy and I, Accelerated Reader, Scholastic Book Fairs, Special Person’s Breakfast, Kids of Steel Half Marathon, Spelling Bee, Santa Shop, Boo Bingo, Carnival Day, Bowling, Art Fair, and Science Night.



Burkett Elementary School Profile

School Day:  8:35 am - 3:20 pm

Bus Arrival / Student Drop off:  8:20-8:35

Late Bell:  8:40


Enrollment for the 2015—2016 school year:

Grade 4: 178

Grade 3: 210


Grading System

The Montour School District grading scale is as follows:

A 90-100

B 80-89

C 70-79

D 60-69

F 0-59

Burkett Elementary is aligning all that we do for our students to the Montour School District core values of Putting Children First, Supporting a Growth Mindset, and Creating a Learning Culture!



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